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Sustainable Livestock Production in Native Pastures
This project aims to establish and sucesfully manage an ecosystem-based livestock production by harnessing native pastures and conserving valuable ecosystems such as forests and wetlands. 
Wetland Eco-hidrology 
With the support of Paraguay's National Council For Science and Technology (CONACYT), we work in understanding the Chaco Wetland Ecosystem with a multidisciplinary approach.  
Wildlife Monitoring and Conservation 
We have started long-term monitoring and protection of wildlife present in our diverse landscape: grasslands, forests and wetlands. 
Rural Development of el Chaco Communities
We aim to understand the social interactions within the communities of el Chaco and together build economic possibilities with social and environmental sensitivity. 

Do you share our same point of view? or are you interested to contribute to the well-being and conservation in South America? 




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